William Sprague Residence, remodeling and addition only (34)

601 E Street, at the northwest corner of 6th and E Streets, NW
Remodelled 1863-66, demolished 1936

In June 1866, Cluss's account for the previous year shows "an uncertain account against Gov. Sprague." Formerly governor of Rhode Island, William Sprague, U.S. Senator from Rhode Island and millionaire owner of textile mills married Kate Chase in 1863. She was the daughter of Salmon Chase, President Lincoln's Secretary of the Treasury, whom Lincoln later appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Sprague purchased the 1850's federal-style house, which Chase had been renting. Sprague remodeled the house, perhaps added the bay windows on each side, and an addition on the rear as part of an arrangement with his father-in-law, the widower Salmon Chase: Sprague and his new family and his father-in-law were to have completely separate quarters, entrances, and servants. Sprague and his wife divorced in 1882.

Cluss and Kammerhueber may have planned some or all of the remodelling work. This may be verified by future research into the complicated correspondence and papers of the Sprague and Chase families.




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